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Originally presented on March 7 and 8, 2024, the Criminal Law Section’s Masters of DUI 2024 is a comprehensive, cutting-edge look at the prosecution and defense of alcohol- and drug-related vehicular offenses. This year’s theme is Becoming the Lincoln Lawyer:  Learning to Think Creatively and Yield Results Like a Master. This two-day program is designed for basic, intermediate, and experienced practitioners. Topics include case preparation, issue spotting, jury selection, lab protocols, implicit bias, Florida’s administrative suspension process, jury selection, visual aids, cross-examination, the judicial perspective, technology, urine testing, drug DUIs and DRE, a case law update, and more. Our prestigious faculty members—judges, lawyers, and industry experts—are some of the best legal and scientific DUI minds in the nation. Each segment is intended to boost your knowledge and improve your skills in this highly specialized practice area to improve the quality of your DUI advocacy.

Course number 8155 is approved for 14 CLE, 1 Technology and 14 certification credits each in Criminal Appellate and Criminal Trial. The program is available to purchase 24/7 online:

The 2024 Masters of DUI is a one-of-a-kind CLE event. Special thanks to Program Co-Chairs Susan H. Cohen and David M. Robbins, Epstein & Robbins, Jacksonville.


Masters of DUI 2024 – Becoming the Lincoln Lawyer:  Learning to Think Creatively and Yield Results Like a Master

Day One:  Thursday, March 7

8:30–9:00 AM   Check-In and Late Registration

9:00–9:10 AM   Welcome (Program Co-Chairs Susan H. Cohen and David M. Robbins, Epstein & Robbins, Jacksonville)

9:10–10:00 AM   Staying One Step Ahead – Case Law Update (Eilam Isaak, Tampa)

10:00–10:50 AM   Just the Facts – Florida’s Administrative Suspension Process (Tom Moffett, Chief Counsel, Bureau of Administrative Reviews, Tallahassee)

10:50–11:05 AM   Break

11:05–11:55 AM   Using the Facts to Your Advantage to Navigate the Administrative Suspension Process (David Robbins & Susan Cohen, Jacksonville)

11:55 AM–12:25 PM   Lunch (provided with in-person registration)

12:25–1:15 PM   Because We Can Handle the Truth:  Reviewing the Evidence and Spotting Issues (Tara Anderson, Assistant Public Defender, Sixth Judicial Circuit, Clearwater)

1:15–2:15 PM   What Would Claire Kincaid Do? Preparing a Case (Keeley Karatinos, Dade City)

2:15–2:30 PM   Break

2:30–3:20 PM   You Too Can Be Perry Mason:  Motions to Suppress (Eilam Isaak, Tampa)

3:20–4:10 PM   Playing War Games With Joshua – Computers Don’t Make Mistakes…. Or Do They? Technology and Practice (Elliott Wilcox, Tampa)

4:10–5:00 PM   Finding Twelve Angry Men – The Art of Jury Selection (Robert Reiff, Miami)

Day Two:  Friday, March 8

9:00–9:10 AM   Welcome (Program Chairs David Robbins & Susan Cohen, Jacksonville)

9:10–10:00 AM   Herding Cats; The Reality of Interacting With Attorneys – The Judicial Perspective (Deborah Carpenter-Toye, County Court Judge, Broward County)

10:00–10:50 AM   Echoes of To Kill A Mockingbird … Implicit Bias – It’s All Around Us! (Phyllis Kotey, Clinical Professor of Law, Florida International University, Miami)

10:50–11:05 AM   Break

11:05–11:55 AM   Following the Science – Lab Protocols and Quality Control (Janine Arvizu – Lab Auditor, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

11:55 AM–12:25 PM   Lunch (provided for in-person registrants)

12:25–1:15 PM   Channeling Your Inner Vincent Gambini Using Visual Aids, Stories and Analogies to Win Your Case (Mark Thiessen, Houston, Texas)

1:15–2:05 PM   Bringing Out the Truth Ben Matlock Style – The Art of Successful Cross-Examination  (John Collins, Little Rock, Arkansas)

2:05–2:20 PM   Break

2:20–3:10  PM   Does it Pass the Abby Sciuto Test? The Forensics of Urine Testing (Anne Marie Rizzo, Sarasota)

3:10–4:00 PM   Applying the Science – Drug DUIs and DRE (Aaron Wayt, Tallahassee)

4:00–4:10 PM   Conclusion (Program Chairs David Robbins & Susan Cohen, Jacksonville)

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