Discovery Brady and Giglio Rule 3.113 Compliance

Effective May 16, 2016 Rule 3.113 (minimum standards for attorneys in felony cases) will be required.  It reads:  “before an attorney may participate as counsel of record in the Circuit Court for any adult felony case, including post-conviction proceedings before the trial court, the attorney must complete a course, approved by the Florida Bar for continuing legal education credits, of at least 100 minutes and covering the legal and ethical obligations of discovery in a criminal case, including the requirements of Rule 3.220, and the principles established in Brady v. Maryland, and Giglio v. United States.”

6651 Discovery Brady and Giglio Rules 3.113 Compliance

(Original course number 4153. This program has been reaccredited by The Florida Bar until April 30, 2025.)

Presented by criminal defense attorney Denis deVlaming, deVlaming & Rivellini, P.A. +BIO

6651 – CH1 – Brady – Motion STANDARD
6651 – CH2 – Brady – Memorandum of Law
6651 – CH3 – Federal Memo re Brady 2017
6651 – CH4 – John Leo Brady, The Defense Lawyer’s Best Friend Article 05.17.2018
6651 – CH5 – List of Brady areas for prosecutor to search
6651 – Discovery Brady and Giglio Rules 3.113 Compliance – PPT Slides


General: 2.0 Hours
Ethis:      2.0 Hours

Appellate Practice:   2.0 Hours
Criminal Appellate Law: 2.0 Hours
Criminal Trial Law: 2.0 Hours
Juvenile Law: 2.0 Hours

6651 Accreditation Certificate