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COVID-19 Attorney Wellness: Part Four

Originally aired on December 18, 2020

The Criminal Law Section of The Florida Bar is privileged to offer this continuing CLE series FREE OF CHARGE to all Criminal Law Section members.

This is our continuing gift to ourselves.

And just in time for the holidays.

We began in May. Then August. Then October. Florida Lawyers Assistance (FLA) Clinical Director Dr. Scott Weinstein invited us to “fireside chats” on how we (lawyers) are coping, months (and months and months) into the pandemic, and the radical restructuring of our lives.

Now in our fourth installment and joined once again by FLA Assistant Director Molly Paris, Dr. Weinstein will address the many emotional, psychological, and professional issues associated with our well-being during this unprecedented and ongoing challenge. Tackling stressors both anticipated and unexpected, Dr. Scott and Molly continue to help all of us better develop coping skills unique to ourselves and our profession.

As always, our experts will take questions from attendees.

And note: Like all FLA public presentations, this CLE is not, nor is it intended to be, a confidential, therapeutic gathering. All Zoom participants will be able to see who is in attendance. That said, in order to keep our meeting “to ourselves,” the Criminal Law Section does NOT post the recording of the presentation in any public fashion.


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