The Criminal Law Section, along with Florida Lawyers Assistance, offers this free mental health “check-up” to discuss the fear, uncertainty, and disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has stirred in and caused for us these many weeks.  Keeping with its over 35-year commitment to our legal community, this FLA “fireside chat” will be facilitated by Dr. Scott Weinstein, FLA Clinical Director, and Molly Paris, FLA Assistant Director.  Fittingly held during Mental Health Month, Dr. Weinstein and Ms. Paris will address the many emotional, psychological, and professional issues associated with our well-being during this challenge — both anticipated and unexpected — helping us to develop coping skills unique to ourselves and our profession, while remaining socially responsible to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

FLA provides confidential assistance and support to lawyers, judges and law students who have been negatively affected in their ability to function in their careers and personal lives by alcohol, drugs, mental health issues, or cognitive decline. FLA fosters identification, intervention and recovery by providing assessments, referrals, education and maintaining a supportive network of recovering legal professionals.

Scott M. Weinstein, Ph.D. +BIO
Clinical Director, Florida Lawyers Assistance

Molly J. Paris, Esquire  +BIO
Assistant Director, Florida Lawyers Assistance

General: 2.0 Hours
Mental Health: 2.0 Hours

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